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Good things are coming—like new restaurant openings in Edmonton, honors for our excellence and more opportunities for growth! Read on to learn more about who we are, what we stand for and what has made JOEY one of the Great Places to Work Best Workplaces in Canada for seventh consecutive years and a Best Workplaces in Canada for Women 2016.



joey restaurant group welcomes Jason Yamasaki, named best sommelier of bc

1) Where did you career begin?

My career started at White Spot when I was 15 years old. From there, my hospitality obsession began and I immediately enrolled in Hospitality Management at Vancouver Community College. I was one of the first students to complete four years for a Bachelor’s Degree of Hospitality Management. During this time, I gained exposure through some of the great, although most now defunct, Vancouver institutions. The Pacific Palisades Hotel, CinCin Ristorante, Lumiere, Chow I craved more perspective and I moved to Chicago to work at one of North America’s top hotels, The Peninsula Chicago. I was part of the conversion of their top restaurant Avenues into a two-Michelin star dining room. In 2009, I returned to Vancouver to start with Chambar Restaurant. Over seven years at Chambar, I worked every front of house position until finally selected to become the Wine Director in 2012. During that time, I converted the program from a ‘Silver’ award winning list at the Vancouver Wine Festival Wine List Awards to a two-times ‘Platinum.’ I also earned the title of ‘Best Sommelier of BC’ in 2015 and competed on behalf of British Columbia in the ‘Best Sommelier of Canada’ that year. Currently, I am the Head Sommelier for the JOEY Restaurant Group and write for Daily Hive as their monthly wine columnist. I also make regular appearances on the radio, CTV and Global TV as one of BC’s top wine personalities.

2) Where did you study to become a Sommelier?

I graduated as a ‘Certified Sommelier’ through the International Sommelier Guild in 2011. I also achieved my WSET Level 3 credentials in 2012. The greatest study that one can do as a sommelier, in my opinion, is the irreplaceable hours that you put into your floor work though. Of those, I have thousands. This is where your craft becomes transforming your book learning to building truly authentic hospitality experiences for guests.

3) What sparked your interest in wine?

Wine, to me, represented the pinnacle of a proper and graceful dining experience. Wine is what truly defined those who approached hospitality as their vocation. It was the final frontier in terms of what I was already achieving in hospitality.

4) What do you like to do for fun?

Cooking, (at home – all the time. simple recipes executed with precision) public speaking, (any chance I can get, about any topic) traveling, (because who doesn’t?) playing baseball & hockey, (staying active! and fairly competent at both if anyone ever needs a spare…or a goalie) reading. (mostly self-development and philosophy).

5) What was the deciding factor in joining JOEY Restaurants?

Of course, there were many. But for years, I’ve admired the visits that I’ve had over many different locations. The thoughtfulness of the rooms, the deliciousness of the food, and the warmth of hospitality was always extremely notable for a chain restaurant. Additionally, everyone I talked to had only extremely positive things to relay about the company, the vision, the philosophy, and the delivery. Finally, the chance to spread and share the message with so many people was incredibly energizing.

6) What do you look forward to about your new position?

The opportunity to affect so many people with surprising and memorable wine experiences. Current guests. Future guests. Former guests. Colleagues. Partners. New cities. New rooms. Wine has had a very difficult time stepping off of its pedestal of pretension. But the generation is right. And more people than ever are thirsting for a way to bring wine into their life with the same level of meaningfulness that it has to those that are obsessed. I look forward to enthusiastically illuminating the way to do so.

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JOEY Restaurant Group named one of the Best Workplaces for women 2016

Chef Kathleen Good

 “A good cook is like a Sorceress who dispenses happiness” Elsa Schiaparelli

I have been cooking in professional kitchens for the past fifteen years. I only recently joined the JOEY Restaurant Group eight months ago, in September of 2015. In the past few months I have been enrolled in an accelerated training program towards leadership. My vision, once entering this establishment was to become a Sous Chef at one of our Calgary locations. Now, with that goal in the near future, I will not stop, I am going to continue to accelerate and pursue new horizons within this company. I only regret not joining this company sooner.

In the last eight months my eyes have been opened, allowing me to distinguish the difference between what I thought I knew, versus what I need to learn. I have been shown what true leadership and support is and all it entails, the abundance of tools provided associated with success, the respect required from one partner to another, the integrity behind what drives and motivates individuals, how teamwork is a privilege and a necessity, and what true empowerment beholds. The people I have been given the opportunity to work with over the past eight months, have inspired me to do my best, and shown me how I can equip others to overcome challenges. It may start with my own personal development as a chef, co-worker, and leader, but there is no ending on where this can take me, and where I can lead others. I have experienced a light, a passion, a commitment and dedication, which I never knew I wanted to be a part of, but can confidently say honored to be included in. This is where I belong.

So watch out, because there is no ceiling for me, and I am going to go places with this company no one has ever experienced. As Chef Justin Rimmer once said, ‘pressure can do two things, it can break you or create a diamond, what are you going to be?” I am going to blind you with how bright I will shine. – Kathleen Good


JOEY Lansdowne_Scenic_Edited (2) - small JOEY Lansdowne_Scenic (7)


JOEY BELL TOWER is the future of JOEY Restaurants. The restaurants seamless kitchen designs and intimate, eye-catching dining rooms will be sure to create a world-class guest experience unlike any other in the Edmonton region. We will be opening our doors Summer 2016 and are now seeking the industry’s top talent to join our opening team. This is one opportunity you do not want to miss!  To be a part of it, click on the ‘apply now’ tab, one page over.



josh - Red Seal


Chosen for the seventh consecutive year on the Great Place To Work Institute’s list of 100 best work places in Canada, a Best Workplace for Women 2016 and recipient of the International Prism Award in 2011 and the CoachingWise award in 2015. Our ongoing success is directly attributable to our exceptional team that thrives in a performance driven environment. Our work environment is high energy and creative. We look for driven individuals who want to progress their career in a challenging, growing and dynamic company. 

The Sous Chef In-Training program is designed for an individual who is looking for the next step in their career. One who has the desire learn how to run a multi-million dollar business, while gaining new skills and knowledge in management, leadership and culinary. The length of the program is dependent on the individuals experience and ability to learn new concepts.


 Coaching course

12 leaders at JOEY embark on an incredibly journey of learning, discovery, and growth

Last week, 12 leaders from the JOEY Restaurant Group embarked on an incredibly journey of learning, discovery, and growth. After 36 hours of classroom learning and a new humble perspective on the power of coaching, these individuals were able to “break through the ceiling” and take their leadership and coaching to the next level. “This group was truly some of the most dynamic, powerful and full-hearted individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with.” says Kathryn Oliver, ACC and Facilitator of the JOEY 5 day Leadership Course. Congratulations to the newly appointed 2016 coaches at JOEY Restaurants!

Learn more about our JOEY Education programs and how you can create your path through the JOEY Path to Mastery.



JOEY Restaurants recognized as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People (2016)

JOEY Restaurant Group has just been named A Top Employer for Young People in Canada for 2016. The evaluation process included an extensive review by Canada’s Top 100 Employers based on attraction and retention of younger workers. JOEY has partnered with Royal Roads University to deliver professional and graduate certificate programs to our managers. These business and leadership courses are fully funded by JOEY for anyone in a management position. Courses in these programs range from in person one day workshops on Risk Management to six week online courses on difficult conversations. With the completion of the Graduate Certificate individuals can choose to apply these credits towards a master’s degree program at Royal Roads University on their own. Click here to learn more


An experience of a lifetime at the James beard house in NYC.

This past weekend, Executive Chef Chris Mills and team performed a culinary orchestra at the James Beard House in New York; this was the third visit for Chris and his team.

 “James Beard was a champion of American cuisine who taught and mentored generations of professional chefs and food enthusiasts.” The James Beard Foundation, a national not-for-profit organization based in New York City was designed to educate, inspire, entertain, and foster a deeper understanding of our culinary culture. It honors America’s diverse culinary heritage through educational initiatives, food industry awards, an annual national food conference, Leadership Awards program, culinary scholarships, and publications.”  Source:

For a chef, cooking at the James Beard house is not only an honor and privilege, it is an opportunity which only a handful of junior chefs get to experience in their lifetime.


One of the many dishes prepared by the JOEY team. Photo by @Followmefoodie.

With the invite to the James Beard House, Chris saw the opportunity to extend this experience to some of the top talent and leaders within the JOEY Restaurant Group. Something that is very important to Chris as the Executive Chef of JOEY Restaurants is giving young talent opportunities to develop their skills. Before the visit, Chris quoted:

“I was given many opportunities to grow as a chef in my career,” said Mills, “it’s important to me that we extend cooking at the James Beard House to our talented chefs who are leaders in their restaurants. I am excited to announce that we will be bringing two up and coming chefs; one from the East and one from the West, to cook at James Beard. This is an opportunity to pass on knowledge and experience from our executive culinary team, to our leaders down to those just starting out with us in the culinary world.”

Over a period of four weeks, cooks and sous chefs from across the company competed for an experience of a lifetime – to cook alongside Chef Mills at the prestigious dinner in New York. Each week they illustrated not just their culinary talents but their abilities to be leaders and teachers in their restaurants. Specific focus areas included innovation in training, informative research in proprietary products and an ability to lead focus training groups. The winners from each week also competed against each other in week four where they  announced the final winners from the East and West, Patrick Parotta, Night Sous Chef from JOEY Burnaby in BC and Zach Ovics, Day Sous Chef from JOEY Mayfield in Edmonton.


The James Beard team in NYC.

Both Patrick and Zach received coaching, practice time and ongoing support from their Regional Chefs, before travelling to the James Beard house for the main event on Saturday evening.

“This experience has shown how important it is to stick to our company’s vision and pillars. Bringing the best chefs in the company together at James beard showed the power of competitiveness and alignment in company vision, being able to execute under pressure and together as a team in all situations. This core philosophy is what I believe makes a great leader and chef in our company.” Zach Ovics, Day Sous Chef and participant at the James Beard House 2015.

At JOEY, we believe in creating experiences and environments where people are inspired to learn, grow and discover their full potential. We take a 360 degree approach to people development and we believe that our cooks are not just cooks. They are business people. They are coaches, mentors and leaders, and no matter their skill level, they have the opportunity to develop into world-class culinary leaders. We do this by providing them with hands on experiences, leadership training, ongoing education, and one on one coaching.

To learn more about our teams and the culinary opportunities at JOEY Restaurants, follow us @JOEYCareers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


 Cup of Care LOGO


JOEY Restaurant Group is honored to be selected as a TELUS Business Community Champion for our #JOEYCupofCare initiative. Through our partner’s volunteerism, TELUS recognized JOEY as making a substantial and measurable impact in local communities and demonstrating leadership in creating a culture of giving within our organization.

As a recipient of a TELUS Business Community Champion Award, JOEY is able to select a charity partner of our choice to receive a free TELUS service for one-year.

#JOEYCupofCare is a partner-led community initiative created in 2009 by Executive Chef, Chris Mills, to address hunger in the communities to which JOEY Restaurants serve.  In the seven years of running the program it has grown from serving 10,000 cups of soup the first year to 15,500 cups of soup in 2015, and we are nearing our millionth cup of soup served. 

More than 250 of our partners volunteered over 750 hours of their time in 2015 to distribute and serve soup to those in need in shelters across Canada and Washington State.  Chef Mills created the recipe for the soup for the purpose of providing a soup that is healthy, filling and full of nutrition and flavour. The soup is made by a team of JOEY partners who volunteer to wash, peel, chop the over 1200lbs of vegetables that go into the soup.

Each of our restaurants selected a shelter to partner with ranging from a youth shelter in Toronto, a drop-in and rehab centre in Calgary, a young adult shelter in Seattle, inner-city schools in Vancouver, plus 15 other shelters and community drop in centers.

“Cup of Care is an in house that allows everyone in the company at every level, to get behind the spirit of giving and volunteering.” Says Chris Mills – Executive Chef for JOEY Restaurant Group.

As our charity partner of choice, JOEY has selected The Dugout ( a drop-in centre in the Downtown Eastside that serves as a neighbourhood living room for the homeless in the community and for those living in Single Room Occupancies (SROs).  It is a welcoming space where displaced residents can find refuge and enjoy the company of others. Since 1967, volunteers at the Dugout have provided practical assistance, emotional support and guidance to anyone in need.  Each day hundreds of people receive a nourishing meal, a warm cup of coffee, and a compassionate offer to help them make life a little bit more comfortable.  

For more on #JOEYCupofCare and the TELUS Business Community Champion Award, check out this video produced by TELUS.




Our head office is located in downtown Vancouver, BC, our work environment is high energy and creative. While we laugh a lot, we have extremely high expectations of each other.

Interested in joining the team? Opportunities might be available in Design, Construction, Culinary, Culinary Operations, Finance, Purchasing, Marketing, Bar Operations, Human Resources, I.T., and Training & Development. Send us your resume and a cover letter outlining what areas of our business you’re interested in:

Current opportunities:

Chef In Training – Canada – U.S – Apply now!

Shift Leaders – Canada – U.S – Apply now!

Servers and Cooks – Apply now!



JOEY Restaurants sponsors the Vancouver Board of Trade LOT program 2015-2016

The Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) is our mentorship program that connects top post-secondary students with leading industry professionals. Launched in 1999, LOT is recognized as the premier mentorship program in British Columbia. Candidates go through a competitive and rigorous selection process to experience a year of accelerated professional and personal growth. This will be JOEY Restaurants second year sponsoring the LOT program. The program allows for six JOEY Mentors to be partnered with a select group of students (mentees) who are interested in building their careers in the areas of HR, Finance, IT Operations and Marketing, to name a few. Click here to read more about the program. Want to hear more? Check out this short video:


WFF logo

JOEY Restaurants: key contributor of the Women’s Food Service Forum

The JOEY Restaurant Group is now a contributor of the Women’s Food Service Forum, the food-service industry’s premier Leadership Development resource which focuses on driving growth for individuals and organizations. Established in 1989, the WFF has been the go to resource for individuals to build skills, expand knowledge and broaden perspectives through meaningful strategic Connections, so they can reach their full potential and accelerate their career growth. Learn more about the WFF and how you can get involved in your community.


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