JOEY Meets Morocco


Inspiration, and a good meal are best when shared. So when our chefs travelled together across Morocco, the bedouin tradition of sharing went hand in hand with this globally inspired experience.

Morocco is a crossroads of Arabic and Mediterranean traditions, “and that is exactly what inspired us,” explains Ted Anderson, Development Chef at JOEY, “The smell of cumin in the souk, the freshness of the mint at the cooking schools, the mystique of the the open desert. The inspiration came from how it all works together. It’s a magnetic mix.”

In the development kitchen, that inspiration has taken shape as the Hummus plate. Like the colours and aromas of Morocco, the Hummus is a mix of sight, smell and taste; Tzatziki, mint, drop peppers, toasted cumin and sesame, fresh dill. Even its symmetry is inspired, ensured by a ruler in the hands of each JOEY chef.

Designed as a share plate with crispy pita, the Hummus’ presentation is as important as the punch of the ingredients. “We took something that’s well known, brought our inspiration to it, and then took it to another level in presentation. Its gorgeous,” says Chef Anderson. “It’s also the smoothest and most delicious hummus you’ll find outside the Maghreb,” he smiles. “But it’s easier to get to a JOEY than it is to North Africa.”