Our award-winning culinary and bar team share their favourite JOEY pairings

Blackened Chicken

with a pint of Guinness

Our Blackened Chicken is known for its bold flavour. Each element in the dish brings something to the plate to create a unique and complex entree like no other. The malty sweetness of Guinness, along with its note of roasted coffee and chocolate round up the dish oh so opulently.

“Guinness’ distinctive roast character harmonizes effortlessly with the flame-kissed skin of the Blackened Chicken while contrasting elegantly with the brightness of the dish."

Innes McCallum, Beer Category Manager JOEY Restaurant Group, Certified Cicerone

Prawn + Lobster Ravioli


What’s not to love about this bowl of decadent fare. Rich and creamy lobster ravioli, bites of garlic prawns, all coated in luxurious and fragrant truffle beurre blanc and sprinkles of Grana Padano. Leave it to our Jungle Bird cocktail to balance out all that richness with its bright, punchy and citrusy goodness.

“Robust and satisfying flavours to match a luxurious dish.”

Jay Jones, Bar Development Leader, JOEY Restaurant Group, enRoute Magazine’s Canadian Bartender of the Year & Vancouver’s Most Imaginative Bartender by GQ Magazine

Herb Crush Salmon

with Pinot Noir

Red wine and fish pair perfectly. But only when it’s the right red, with the right fish. In this case, a plump, juicy pinot noir goes tastefully with our herb crushed salmon. The fruitiness of pinot noirs adds a touch freshness to the salmon while picking up all the right notes from the herbs, developing an elegant dish for your palate.

“When red wine and fish works really well. Juicy, bright, and fresh."

Jason Yamasaki, Group Sommelier, JOEY Restaurant Group, Sommelier of the Year, Vancouver International Wine Festival

CAB® Prime Sirloin Steak with Hunter Sauce

and Cabernet Sauvignon

Probably one of the most classic, fool-proof pairings that always works, at all times. A flavour-packed, perfectly cooked steak calls for a wine that’s as big in flavour and as rich in texture.

"A classic. When a full-flavoured dish meets a bold wine. Powerful, earthy, and savoury."

Matthew Stowe, Executive Chef, JOEY Restaurant Group, TOP CHEF Canada Winner